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manage all aspects of product data

klarso PIM, Manage all aspects of product data

Integrate, Enrich, Succeed

Customers want high quality product data to find relevant offers, comprehensive information, product configuration and best pricing.  It’s a challenge to integrate product data from different sources, to represent complex product rules and multi-lingual descriptions, to ensure its quality, and to deliver it across all channels.

Klar:suite as independent product information system handles highly complex product data. Custom-tailored workflows efficiently support automatic data extraction, data curation, validation, and document generation across all marketing channels. The modules for self-learning product data integration and configuration and price list generation also complement existing systems.

Icon High data quality

High data quality

Validate datasets automatically

Icon Breathe meaning into your data

Make sense

Breathe meaning into your data

Icon Always relevant information

Always relevant

Deliver right info for user, time & context

Icon Flexibles Datenmodell

Master complexity

Control complex configurations

Icon flexible Anpassung


Create your personal PIM system

Icon Natürliche Datenrepräsentation

Sustainable data

Handle short product life cycles

Icon Realize product visions rapidly


Realize product visions rapidly

Icon Information hub

Information hub

Bridge across data silos

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Product information – complete, consistent und clear

klar:suite for configuration and price list generation


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Product data from various sources

Klar:suite combines, harmonizes and networks all product information from marketing, ERP (e.g. Baan) and sales systems. It lays the foundation for the next generation of marketing and sales solutions.

Screenshot of User-Interface PIM-System

Single Point of Truth

Intelligent editors point to inconsistencies and facilitate the mapping between different sources. High quality product data gets automatically validated for up-to-date multi-lingual product communication across all sales and marketing channels.

Flexible custom workbench

Klar:suite grows organically along the evolving user’s needs. Viewers and editors are designed and adapted to reduce the effort for product data maintenance. All widgets can be flexibly arranged for any data workflow to provide novel and rich data interactions.

Screenshot of User-Interface PIM-System
Screenshot of User-Interface PIM-System

Deliver product info across channels

Shorten your time to market. Export the right product data for each channel and language. Edit and correct the source data in final layout view. Build beautiful catalogs, product sheets, and price lists, even with the most complex product dependencies and layout rules. Create interactive product configurators or click-price-quote systems.

Geschäftserfolg mit Zukunft


klar:suite ist mit Ihren Daten und Ihrer Datenstruktur schnell eingerichtet und einsatzbereit. Hunderte branchenführende Funktionen machen Ihre Daten smart.

Für Sie maßgeschneidert

Ihr Business ist einzigartig, dazu ist klar:suite individuell an Ihren Bedarf anpassbar. So lassen sich auch spezielle Funktionen realisieren, die Andere einfach nicht haben.

Bereit für die Zukunft

klar:suite ist eine agile Entwicklungsumgebung. Erhalten Sie Updates, fragen Sie nach neuen Funktionen oder entwickeln Sie sie einfach selbst in JavaScript. Die Software begleitet flexibel – das ist zukunftssicher!

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